TC® ServCon & onvi-Control®

Real-time biofilm monitoring!

With TC® ServCon we were able to usefully expand our service and service program TC-AQUALYTIK® through a cooperation with our technology partner, the ONVIDA GmbH, with the biofilm sensor onvi-Control®, so that you, as a plant operator, not only fully meet your legal obligations, but also ensure the perfect hygiene status of your evaporative cooling systems and cooling towers at any time. (TC-AQUALYTIK® stands for ensuring the hygienic operation of evaporative cooling systems through the implementation of the monitoring obligation according to VDI 2047 Part 2 and the 42nd BImSchV in combination with our well-proven WEICOGARD® products).

onvi-CONTROL®, a low-maintenance online sensor system, monitors the biofilm growth curve of your evaporative cooling systems and documents them in real-time to the in-house production data acquisition system.

In the event of deviations, a catalog of measures is designed from the data obtained in this way, which enables a fast, targeted reaction and counteracts the danger of a potential contamination of Legionella.

The implementation of such a monitoring system usually takes place in two phases:

First phase: (a) Monitoring the microbiological status of the surfaces in the cooling water circuit by monitoring the biofilm online, using ONVIDA biofilm sensors; (b) switching water treatment to using Tensid-Chemie treatment chemicals; (c) Preparation of the the 42. BImSchV prescribed risk assessment on the basis of the risk assessment of the company Tensid-Chemie GmbH for open cooling water systems (TC-AQUALYTIK®).

Second phase: (a) Optimization of the treatment measures with regard to the type, concentrations and time of dosing of the chemicals in order to keep the biofilm stable and always below a non-hazardous limit. The minimization of the use of biocides is considered as a further goal in mind (b) development of site-specific rules of action (rules and standards) for regular and acute operating conditions of the cooling water system.

article BRAUWELT Nr. 45/2017 - Biofilm Monitoring in Evaporative Cooler Plants

Your advantages:

  • robust, chemically, mechanically and electrically inactive probe
  • low-maintenance, easy-to-install device
  • the efficiency of the cleaning procedures and the applied chemicals are quantified
  • continuous inline measurement
  • no sampling or additional resources required
  • Cleaning and sanitizing measures can automatically be initiated
  • Real-time data on the actual hygiene status delivered to central data acquisition system
  • water, energy and chemical costs and product losses are reduced

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